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How do I register Apex?

After installing Apex using the SFREP installer, available at, you will need to register Apex.

1. Double Click on the Apex icon that has been placed on your desktop after installation.
2. You will be prompted to enter an email address and password. The email address is the one you used when purchasing the Apex license from Apex.  The password is "apex" without quotation marks. Click Submit.
4. You will see a confirmation if registration was successful, or an error if registration failed.

  • If you received an error, skip to the section about your error below.

5. Close and re-open Apex. 

Password and/or Email not Recognized.
This error indicates that the email address or password you provided do not match Apex's records. Click Try Again and confirm you are correctly entering the main email address you have on file with SFREP and the password "apex" without quotation marks. If you get the same error, contact Apex Support at the number provided in the error message for further assistance.

No licenses available.
This error indicates that all available Apex licenses on your account have been issued.

  • If you purchased Apex directly from Apex, you are entitled to install Apex on one computer for each user license (i.e. two user licenses means you can install on two computers).
  • If you purchased Apex from SFREP, you are entitled to install Apex on two computers for each user license (i.e. two user licenses means you can install on four computers.)

You can log in to Apex's website and deactivate existing activations that are no longer in use. If you are using all currently activated computers, you can contact our Sales department to purchase additional licenses.

1. In the Apex registration error dialog, click Manage Account. Your default web browser will launch and load the Apex account login screen.
2. Log in using the email address you have on file with SFREP, and the password "apex" without quotation marks.
3. Click View Apex License History.
4. You will see a table listing all current activations of Apex, along with information like the date issued and the name of the computer that had Apex activated, which can help you identify the activations that are no longer in use.

  • Click the Deactivate button next to each activation you wish to deactivate.
  • If you aren't sure which activations are still in use, deactivate them all.

5. Close the Apex website to return to the Apex registration dialog, then click Back to return to the initial registration dialog.
6. Make sure your information is entered correctly, then click Register.

  • If you deactivated all activations in step 4, go to any other computers that run Apex and follow the steps at the top of this page to re-register them. 

With Apex registered, you can now transfer your sketch from Apex to Appraise-It.


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