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How do I register multiple companies in Appraise-It?

It's possible to work under multiple companies in Appraise-It.

You will need to contact Sales to request a Company Unlocked license. Once they have made the change to your account, you can proceed.

To Set Up Additional Companies
1. In Appraise-It, go to HelpRegistrationRe-register. This will acquire your new Company Unlocked license, allowing you to add additional companies to your registration. Select your Appraise-It account, choose your local user data, then your company information.
2. Go to EditPreferences and select Manage companies in the menu on the left.
3. Click New, enter your company information, and click Save. Repeat for any additional companies.
4. You can now select your active company on the Licensed user page of Preferences, and click OK.

To Switch Between Companies
1. In Appraise-It, go to Edit ⇨ Preferences or click the User icon on the toolbar.
2. Under Licensed user, select the appropriate company name and click OK.


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February 15, 2019

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