We have dozens of videos and recorded training sessions available below to help you learn the ins and outs of our software!

Learn how Profet.ai can make finding, reconciling and transferring comps and listings easier in Appraise-It Pro.
It's almost summer and that means it's time for another update to Appraise-It Pro. Here's what's new in version 2.6...
ACI Sky is a portal software used by a number of banks and AMC's to facilitate the uploading and delivery of reports from appraisers. Due to some technical issues with their PDF scraping technology that were not addressed by ACI, SFREP created a dedicated ACI Sky Export. In this video, we'll see how it works.
A shorter, informal video on using the new ANSI measurement standards with Sketch-It in Appraise-It Classic and Pro. For a full recorded webinar on this topic, click here: https://youtu.be/N103O7-1oQ8
This is a recording of a live webinar given on Thursday, March 31, 2022 on using Sketch-It with the new ANSI standards.
Prophet.ai was created to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete an appraisal report. You can search, review and import real-time MLS and Public Records data with images to improve report consistency. Then, modify your search to save time, download your data, and transfer everything easily to your report.
The Adjustments Sensitivity Analysis tool, free in Appraise-It Pro, gives you a visual representation of your adjustments showing how, together, they affect your final adjusted sale price. The theory of a sensitivity analysis is that, as the adjustment rates applied become more realistic or correct, the indicated (adjusted) sale prices of the comparables will converge. This is represented by a line graph. The flatter the line, the more accurate the adjustments. More Information on Adjustments Sensitivity Analysis: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1398
New automatic adjustment addenda, introduced in Appraise-It Pro version 2.5, are one of the biggest new features to be added to Appraise-It Pro since it's introduction with many more adjustment categories and easy control over when to adjust and by how much. In this video, we're going to take a look at the new adjustments and how automatic adjustments work in general.
It's finally Spring and we're celebrating with a BIG new update to Appraise-It Pro. Here's what's new in version 2.5. More info on Automatic Adjustments: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1399 More info on the Adjustments Sensitivity Analysis tool: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1398 More info on Profet.ai by PropMix: https://youtu.be/8SDdbrQlVXQ More info on using Profet.ai by PropMix: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1391
Many of you have been with SFREP for years. And we thank you and love you all like family. Many of you have also, on your own, recommended us to friends and colleagues. And we love you for that too. To show our gratitude in a more concrete way, we are announcing our Refer-a-Friend program!
SFREP is proud to partner with ProMix to offer an invaluable tool to help you gather data from both your local MLS and county records; process that information; and import photos, correlated data and charts to add value to your appraisal report. For a how-to on using Profet.ai by PropMix in Appraise-It Pro: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1391
Is your residential real estate appraisal software vendor not fixing their bugs and glitches? Are you paying for tech support that's unresponsive and failing you? Well then we should talk!
If you need to send a 1004D Appraisal Update and/or Completion to a lender, chances are it'll be via MISMO XML or in an .ENV format. To do this, it must be the primary form in a report and not an addendum.
Looking to buy a new computer for appraising? Here's what you need to know...
Referring a friend is quick, easy and can earn you and your friend a free month of service!
We are constantly updating Appraise-It Pro with new forms and features. Here's what's new in version 2.4…
PropMix, new in Appraise-It Pro, was created to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete an appraisal report. You can search, review and import real-time MLS and Public Records data with images to improve report consistency. Then, modify your search to save time, download your data, and transfer everything to your report easily.
We're working hard to update and improve Appraise-It Pro. Here's what's new in version 2.3…
Everything you need to know to get started using Appraise-It Pro. Recorded 6/8/2021.
Appraise-It Pro features a powerful scripting language based on Lua that allows users to do almost anything including connecting outside programs with the report and customizing how data moves around. But Pro can also do custom calculations in a field using special simple formulas. SFREP's API Documentation: https://api.sfrep.com Inline Scripts in Fields: https://api.sfrep.com/scriptsdocs/inline.html
If you are new to SFREP and wish to try out Appraise-It Pro fully functional and FREE for 30 days, it's quite simple to get started. Demo Download Link: https://www.sfrep.com/Downloads/
As always, we're hard at work improving Appraise-It Pro. Here's what's new in version 2.2...
Installing Appraise-It Pro is pretty simple and easy and it can co-exist on your computer side-by-side with Appraise-It Classic. This will allow you to transition over at your own pace. Creating a Digital Signature in Appraise-It Pro: https://youtu.be/u2_1twfABNc
Sue from DataMaster joins us to demonstrate how their newest version works in Appraise-It Pro. Recorded March 16, 2021
One key difference between Appraise-It Classic and Pro is how you build reports...and when. This is a fundamental change in concept and once you understand it, learning the rest of Appraise-It Pro will be a snap.
An introduction to Appraise-It Pro. Originally recorded on Friday December 4, 2020.
If you work for more than one company or write reports for multiple appraisers, you may find yourself having to log into Appraise-It Pro using different accounts. In this video, we'll learn how to make the switch. Installing and Registering Appraise-It Pro: https://youtu.be/cpogkKEBxTM
One key item that's checked when doing a full validation in Appraise-It Pro is Appraiser Quality Monitoring or AQM Consistency. Appraise-It was actually the first software to implement this.
The Appraise-It Classic Export, available in Appraise-It Pro version 2.0 and above, allows you to export your report - photos and all - back to Appraise-It Classic. This is being provided as a fallback. Just in case you ever need to return to Classic for compatibility.
Try out SFREP's completely FREE MISMO XML viewer at http://mismoviewer.com
As always, we are working hard to improve Appraise-It Pro and we've now arrived at version 2.0! Here's what's new… ACI Sky Export in Appraise-It Pro: https://youtu.be/_frbFxlGN3g Appraise-It Classic Export: https://youtu.be/VsWvOZYYPnM
Fall 2020 Company Promo
Sketch32 is a sketch program that's designed to work with the Appraise-It Pro suite that supports multiple sketch pages. In this video, we'll see how it works.
Sketch-It is a basic professional sketch program included with Appraise-It Pro that can also be run independently. In this video, we'll see how it works.
Our development team are constantly hard at work improving Appraise-It Pro and adding new features. Here's what's new in Appraise-It Pro version 1.9.
We're always working to update and improve Appraise-It Pro including incorporating suggestions from you. Here's what's new in Appraise-It Pro 1.8.
In Appraise-It Pro version 1.8 and above, AGDA is now supported in Comp Manager. In this video, we'll see how it works. Comp Manager Video: https://youtu.be/8_j0klQ9lms CompLink Video: https://youtu.be/5MSIZ1YJVrA
Appraise-It Pro Flood Maps is an add-on to the Appraise-It Pro Subscription Plan that allows you to create great looking, industry standard flood maps and fill out additional data about your subject. In this video, we'll see how it all works.
Street Maps in Appraise-It Pro allow you to create accurate and colorful location maps showing the location of your subject, comps and listings anywhere in the United States. It even lets you mark out neighborhood boundaries. In this video, we'll see how it works.
The Image Manager in Appraise-It Pro gives you a more full featured way to add and manage your images. If you don't need to save and recall your comp information, then the simplicity of Image Manager is for you. In this video, we'll see how it all works.
Appraise-It Pro's Comp Manager, which is included in the Appraise-It Subscription Plan, allows you to easily archive and keep track of all of your subject, listing and comp data along with all of the photos you have taken of each property. This is helpful when you want to use an address again or reference back to an address down the road to ensure consistency and accuracy. In this video, we'll go over how it all works.
Appraise-It Pro version 1.7 is a huge update! Here are just some of the new features added in this March 2020 release!
Some of the biggest improvements made in Appraise-It Pro are the search functions and the importation of reports and comps. In this video, we'll go over how it all works. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1366
The Validator Panel in Appraise-It Pro is always watching out as you type your report. In this short video, we go over how it works. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1365
The Format Panel is always there to help you navigate the complexities of UAD and other specific formatting. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1364
In this video, we look at using Total Connect in Appraise-It Pro. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1363
Need some flexibility in adding additional verbiage, charts and graphs to your report? The the Word Processing pages and PDF addenda in Appraise-It Pro are for you! SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1362
Your reports are more secure in Appraise-It Pro! Here's how it all works. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1325
A quick how-to on using Core Logic's CLVS connection in Appraise-It Pro. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1361
Learn what's new in Appraise-It Pro version 1.6!
How to use the AI Ready / AppraisalPort service in Appraise-It Pro. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1360
Appraise-It Pro is awesome! But don't take our word for it!
Learn all about printing to paper, creating PDF files and exporting your report to MISMO XML in Appraise-It Pro. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1359
Get your professional, interactive website today! Visit http://www.sfrepwebsites.com or call 800-644-4051!
Moving comps around and deleting them in easy in Appraise-It Pro. Here is everything you need to know! SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1356
We've taken the common and global responses from Appraise-It Classic and made them even better. Here's how they work. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1355
Appraise-It Pro's new, modern interface is dominated by the Ribbon toolbar / menu. Learn all about how it works in this short video. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1354
A live stream from SFREP!
Using EAD in Appraise-It Classic is quick and easy! SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1331
On August 5th, 2019, FHA will begin enforcing the EAD ruleset for all reports driveled to them. Appraise-It Pro takes care of everything for you. Here's how it works. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1332
Check out SFREP's new flagship product: Appraise-It Pro!
Installing Appraise-It Pro is quick and easy. Check out this quick video on how it all works. Related Video on Creating a Digital Signature: https://youtu.be/u2_1twfABNc
In this how-to video, we take a look at creating a new digital signature in Appraise-It Pro.
A key difference between Appraise-It Classic and Appraise-It Pro is the new container and template system.
Need a company website? SFREP has you covered! Visit http://SFREPWebsites.com for more information!
A members-only Facebook group for Residential Appraisers - Sponsored by SFREP & WCA
A quick how-to on using the new CoreLogic CLVS Connection in SFREP's Appraise-It. This updated product replaces the old RELS / CoreLogic VSS. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1324
A detailed look at using Sketch32, a mid-range sketching product from SFREP.
Whenever we stream one of our SFREP live webinars on Facebook, we usually get a few calls asking if someone with no Facebook account can watch. The answer is yes!
A how-to video on using the basic sketching program included in the Appraise-It Subscription Plan. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1146
In this video, we go over using Appraise-It's Classic's Comp Manager to manage automatically indexed records and how to create your own. SFREP Knowledge Base Article: https://support.sfrep.com/knowledgebase/?id=1296
In this First Look video, we take a look at the new printing and XML export methods in the new Appraise-It Pro!
Available now! Download FREE from the iPad app store to try it out and call SFREP sales at 800-523-0872 to integrate with Appraise-It today!
Everything you need to know about using our new Inspect-a-Lot app for the iPad with Appraise-It!
In this video, we will go over how to send reports through the CoreLogic VSS Uploader in Appraise-It.
In this video, we take a look at the process of building a new report by adding both major and minor forms and addenda to it.
First Look: Appraise-It Pro works like a dream on multi-monitor systems to increase your productivity!
This is the third video in our First Look series on Appraise-It Pro. This time, we take a look at importing PDFs and using Word Processing pages.
This is the second in our series of first looks at the upcoming Appraise-IT Pro!
This is the first in a new series of videos designed to keep you up-to-date on the all new Appraise-It Pro as it nears completion! Up first: The new user interface.
A quick how-to on using the AI Ready delivery method in Appraise-It.
Pre-recorded webinar by Appraiser Genie on using their product with Appraise-It.
Appraiser Genie Cloud is a game changer! Buy One get 10 Free. ($45.00 Value) today!
An update on the progress of the re-written version of Appraise-It!
Doing appraisals in the field is a dream of many appraisers. In this video, we take a look at how you can run the full version of Appraise-It and Apex on a Windows 10 tablet.
In this video, we detail how you can use Microsoft Paint in Windows 10 to add your own roads to your location map in Appraise-It
A quick sneak peek at the all new, completely re-written from the ground up version of Appraise-It coming soon from SFREP.
A quick how-to on using the Swift Estimator integration in Appraise-It.
A quick video with some tricks on maximizing efficiency in Appraise-It Flood Maps
In this video, we cover what EAD is, how to create the needed signed digital certificate in Appraise-It and how to create EAD MISMO XML.
Appraise-It was the first appraisal software vendor to introduce comp grid consistence checking. Here's how it works!
A quick video on how to use Appraise-It's Market Analysis Service
Saving your search setup in Comp Manager for later use is super easy.
A quick how-to video on using SFREP's new MLS data importer.
How to do a quick search in Comp Manager for Appraise-It.
A quick tutorial on how to use the Appraise-It BuildFax service from SFREP.
SFREP General Q & A
QuickHit: The new commentary tab in the Rels VSS Uploader
Sketch-It Basics
Tips and Tricks for Comp and Image Manager
This is an archive of a live broadcast done on Friday March 22, 2013.
This is an archive of a live broadcast done on Thursday March 21, 2013.
In this video, we walk through how to use the new Image Manager in Appraise-It 12.
Sync your data from your mobile device to the cloud for use in Appraise-It with Phoenix Mobile.
Get started with using the PhoenixMobile iOS app for the iPad.
Learn how to create MISMO XML in Appraise-It and how to use the UAD Validator.
What is BuildFax and how do I use it in Appraise-It?
We take a few minutes to clear up some confusion on how basement adjustments are being done in the UAD forms in Appraise-It.
We take a few minutes to eliminate some confusion over the Date of Sale / Time UAD field.
We take a few minutes to go over filling out the date and price of prior sale / transfer sections of a UAD Report.
We take a few minutes to go over how to fill out the contract section in a UAD report.
A recording of a recent "UAD in Appraise-It" webinar done live with some of our customers. Questions were taken at the end but, unfortunately, the questions can not be heard in the audio. It is pretty easy, however, to figure out the question from the answer.
We take a quick look at entering irregular dimensions a the UAD report.
We take five minutes to go over creating MISMO XML in Appraise-It and how to upload your report to your lender or AMC.
Promo video for our upcoming BuildFax product. You'll want to check this out!
Appraise-It UAD Promo Video from SFREP.
This is a short tutorial that goes over everything you will need to know to create a UAD report in Appraise-It 11.2 and above.
A quick how-to on switching users in Appraise-It 10.0 and above.
A quick how-to on using Apex Medina with Appraise-It.
A quick how-to for combining an existing PDF file into a report you are printing to PDF in Appraise-It.
A quick how-to on using the Appraise-It Street Maps program.
A quick how-to on uploading reports to AppraisalPort through AI Ready
A quick how-to on importing an existing report into Appraise-It.
Learn how to use the Appraise-It Comp Manager

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