Appraise-It Pro isn't just an advanced formfilling program—it's also a MISMO XML report viewer. And you can use it to view MISMO XML reports for free, with no signup or account creation necessary!

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Getting Started

Setting up Appraise-It Pro in Report Viewer mode is quick and easy. Just download and run the installer by clicking the button above.

Once installed, launch Appraise-It Pro and select Use as report viewer at the bottom of the Registration screen.

That's it!

Now you can open any MISMO XML 2.6 Errata 1 or 2.6 GSE file.

Appraise-It Pro's Report Viewer mode can open MISMO XML created by any form software, displaying the XML data—including the embedded PDF—in an easy and familiar format. You can't edit the file, but you can run Appraise-It Pro's report validator and print to paper or export to PDF.

And you aren't limited to just MISMO XML report files! You can also open Appraise-It report files (.rpt or .rptx) for viewing, validation, and printing, even if you don't have an Appraise-It Pro subscription.

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